5 Ways Texas Mutual Is Delivering on Its Mission and Building Stronger Communities : Risk & Insurance


Insurance industry internships, broader career development opportunities and bringing better health care to underserved communities are all interwoven into the workers’ compensation carrier’s mission.

Jeremiah Bentley gets it. The vice president of marketing and community affairs at Texas Mutual Insurance Company is a big believer in the workers’ compensation carrier’s efforts to bring more talent into the insurance industry, while at the same time being an active benefactor in the communities where the Austin, Texas-based company conducts business.

“A lot of companies can give money,” Bentley said.

“The fact that not only are we giving money back to the community, but we’re investing our own time and talent to build things for ourselves and others in the industry [also], that makes me feel like it’s real,” Bentley said.

The capability of workers’ compensation carriers to serve the communities they work in beyond risk transfer is a growing area of focus for the National Comp conference and a topic we’re pleased to include on this year’s program agenda.

Bentley will share his insights on corporate community building on Oct. 19, 2022. He shared some of this thoughts with Risk & Insurance in advance of the presentation.

1) Training for the Job

Some of Texas Mutual’s industry and community development efforts are more recent, and some have been in place for years.

A longstanding program that has helped Texas Mutual bolster its ranks, including its leadership ranks, can be characterized as a robust job training program.

“We take kids out of risk management academies across the state and train them to be underwriters or claims adjustors or whatever it might be and give them that exposure and experience with Texas Mutual,” Bentley said.

“It’s been a really successful program,” he said.

“A fair amount of our underwriting leadership…