A GC Global Round-Up of Regional Challenges


Below, general counsel from Figma, DXC Technology, Generali Operations Service Platform, SeAH Holdings and L’Oréal provide an insight into the challenges that GCs are facing across the globe: 


“1. The ‘great Talent war’ is definitely in full swing as we are seeing unprecedented threats to the stability of inhouse legal, compliance and contracting organizations resulting from an insatiable law firm demand for more hires. The flexibility to work virtually from anywhere is a key driver. 2. The regulatory activism in the United States is high right now. Cybersecurity is a great example where the SEC is more strictly scrutinizing post-incident disclosure from public companies and Congress is close to passing legislation requiring notification to the government and others of data breaches. States also continue to enact conflicting legislation.” – Bill Deckelman, EVP & General Counsel, DXC Technology