Advanced Gaming Accessories To Take Your Game Play To The Next Level


Chances are you’re not a professional gamer. But just because you don’t have a corporate sponsor or hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a top notch gaming experience. And everybody knows you can’t have a top notch gaming experience without the right accessories.

The quality of the games themselves? Oh sure, that matters too. But it’s the accessories that determine how we interact with a game and control the overall experience. Whether you play well or poorly isn’t just a matter of practice. It’s a matter of how well you handle the controller, how focused you are on what’s going on, how well you hear and see what’s going on, and so much more. If there’s anything you can do to improve those, and thus improve your overall gaming experience with accessories, you should do it.

Want some ideas for awesome gaming accessories that won’t break the bank? We’ve got you covered. Below you can find some of our favorites. Whether you have an Xbox, Playstation, PC, or just a phone, they will take your gameplay to another level.

Advanced Gaming Accessories

gaming accessories

Controllers today are way better than they used to be. Instead of boxy things that are hardwired to the console, we have ergonomic controllers with no wires at all. But as good as today’s controllers are, they could still be better. And that’s where Fosmon’s trigger extenders and thumb grip covers come in. Designed to fit the PS5 Dualsense controller, this set comes with 4 trigger extenders, 2 short thumbstick covers, and 2 long thumbstick covers. Made from non-slip materials, these covers and extenders improve ergonomics by reducing wrist, hand, and thumb fatigue. They also improve gameplay by providing enhanced range of motion and more precise movements.

You can buy PS5 Controller Trigger Extenders and Thumb Grip Covers here for just $19.99.

gaming accessories

If you want to enhance your PC gaming without using your hands, you should check out the Tobii Eye…