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The Latin Lorain History Project, which begins on September 15, is a joint effort with the Lorain History Association. El Centro de Servicios Sociales Inc.

They are combined by Leadership Lorain County, Oberlin College And many community supporters who want to recognize the important elements of the city’s culture.

Maria Carion, director of community development at El Centro, a Spanish social welfare agency in South Lorain, said two years had passed on a dedicated committee during the new coronavirus pandemic.

Some members of the planning committee met on July 23 to brainstorm ideas for exhibitions, promotions and project payments.

This is rooted in a conversation between Barb Piscopo, Executive Director of the Lorraine Historical Society, and Victor Riandri, Executive Director of El Centro.

Leandry said he always wanted to research and connect the stories of Latin Americans in the city.

Lorraine’s Latin heritage is well documented in books, news articles and videos, he said.

But there is no single archive or collection of those stories and information, Leandry said.

“We recognize that it’s a big project,” he said.

The plan began in September 2019, and a year later, Oberlin faculty and students were editing the oral history of people who lived in the city’s Latin heritage.

The project has grown, Leandry said.

El Centro de Servicios Sociales Inc. Victor Leandry, Executive Director of Victor Leandry, will speak with members of the Latin Lorain History Projects Committee of the Lorain History Society at a planning meeting on July 22, 2021. The project includes a new exhibit on the city’s Latin heritage. , In Lorraine from September 15, 2021.Richard Payerchin – Morning Journal

He and Piscopo emphasized that the exhibition was not a one-time event, but many of the first.

Vine Avenue will be the centerpiece of the first exhibition.

“For many, Vine Avenue embodied the soul of the Latino community of Lorraine,” said a draft display created by a graphic artist. Jesse Guardado from Parma, who currently lives in Lorraine.

Piscopo Bethany Tober, Project Manager of the Historical Society, added 11 interviews to people who remembered Vine Avenue.

“We wanted to make sure that people were interviewed before they were too old. That’s the problem, and many of the people we want to interview get sick or their Because I have lost my memory, “said Piscopo. “So we wanted to capture those stories now.”

Gina Perez, a professor of comparative American studies at Oberlin College, discussed with college students how planners develop skills to collect oral history of Lorain’s history in general, especially Vine Avenue.

“I was very excited and honored to be part of it,” Perez said.

Planners hope that oral history will bring the stories and experiences of life on Vine Avenue to life, while at the same time encouraging others to share their memories and young people to learn about collecting oral history. She said she was.

Tober introduced Guardado, a 41-year-old graphic designer who designs the visual elements of the exhibition.

“Vine Avenue was particularly challenging for creating visual elements,” Guardado said.

On the display, each letter of the word “Avenue” is displayed in a different font, representing different cultures within Vine Avenue.

This image depicts the road leading to the steelworks, which is “the main focus of why people came to Lorraine.”

On both sides of the street are subjects such as religion and spirituality, nightlife, small business and entrepreneurship.

Jenn McManamon, Director of Children’s Education and Curriculum at the Lorain Historical Society, discussed how to make the exhibits interactive for children.

The exhibition will be held during Hispanic Cultural Heritage Month from September 15th to October 30th.

Planners are looking for sponsors, families, businesses, and community groups every day.

Information is available by email from Tober

Joel Aledondo, chairman of the Lorain City Council and chairman of the South Lorain Mexico Mutual Association, said sponsorship and sharing of historical information is not limited to Latin companies and organizations.

Additional committee members included El Centro’s administrative assistant, Lourdes Bennett. Ally Morgan, Lorain Public Library System South Lorain Branch Manager. Julie Cruz-Blair, Director of Leadership Lorain County. Jovi Rolan, a community member. And Ruby Mitchell, a student volunteer of the Lorraine Historical Society.

An exhibition planned to celebrate Lorraine’s Latin heritage – Morning Journal

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