Ask HN: Career change for elderly UK ex-convict?


Ask HN: Career change for elderly UK ex-convict?
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I’m looking to get back into an IT career but I have lots of serious impediments. I’d like to ask HN readers for their views on my hopeless(?) situation.

Am an ex-solicitor. I got out of UK jail a couple of years ago, I did some whitecollar stuff and I have a permanently un-unspent conviction for money-laundering. I’m over 60 with law & a science degree plus several post-grad qualifications. I’m currently doing a masters in data science for interest. I used to be a programmer back in the 80s and keep up with the topic (Erlang, OCaml, F#, Python Golang etc).

I’ll never pass jobs with DBS checks due to convictions. plus I guess I’ll never get a job coding due to ageism (I’d wondered about COBOL but banks and government wouldn’t take me), and I dont fancy doing all the BS prep needed for interviews anyway. But I like stats ML and data so I’d love to try for that. But the age and convictions are a serious problems.

I don’t imagine anyone on HN has anyone with my collection of problems but does anyone have any suggestions that might help?

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