Baby | Diamante Perez at SXSW Online 2021


Ulysses, KY Diamante Perez is a 22-year old artist from Ulises, Kansas making his headlining debut as the first artist signed to Marca Única. He is currently working on his second studio album.

With a background in talent booking and event management, Sarah “YaYa” Yazdanpanah began documenting new and emerging artists in 2018. Titling her site and dedicating her articles to helping the non-Spanish speaking listener understand the new Latin Trap and Corrido wave that was soon to explode, she would be the first online site to publish write-ups on artists such as Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Karol G, El Fantasma, and Ozuna… Just to name a few. Over the next two years, these artists would become superstars on a global level. Within one year, her site would be recognized by McDonald’s and land her as a guest at the Latin Grammy Awards.

With such a vast array in music preferences, including Texas Country, YaYa got her first job in music interning for a country music magazine from the ages of 14-17. It was then that she began developing her ear for new music and broadening her search for undiscovered artists that she could share with her friends. She began networking with various music industry professionals and started working under Mel Smith (previously of Bad Boy and Cash Money Records) on Chris Brown’s Fame Tour. Later, she began working on music industry panels, where she organized promo teams for Def Jam and would begin working directly with the artists on lifestyle and promotional opportunities. Today, she consults with established labels and
music festivals who have expressed interest in the booming Latin music market.

As the founder of Marca Única, a company dedicated to developing and representing new and emerging talent, YaYa is currently working with top billboard producers, executives, and major labels on highlighting and presenting undiscovered artists with a bright future in music… Particularly Música Regional Mexicana and Latin Trap. The first artist under the Marca Única label, Diamante Perez will debut on the imprint’s official SXSW showcase.

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