Best of TV 2021: ‘Succession,’ ‘You,’ Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview and more


Elizabeth Carmichael is the kind of person fiction just can’t compete with: a car-industry visionary, an inveterate liar, a parent to countless children across the country, a trans pioneer, somehow a deserving target and a genuine victim of Peabody-winning journalism. TV has no shortage of true-crime tales or scammer sagas, but Carmichael’s are singular, as is this visually arresting docuseries about her life, which celebrates her irreducible complexities while never letting her off the hook for all the harm she caused, like defrauding millions from investors who just wanted to buy in her dream of a fuel-efficient, three-wheeled automobile during the 1970s oil crisis. There’s no more fantastical yarn than the one spun here, nor a portrait so profoundly human.