Big problems with mail delivery are a constant in Chicago — and the suburbs


I’ve read in the Sun-Times about all the problems Chicagoans are having with mail delivery. That problem is not confined to Chicago. I live in the south suburbs and do not receive mail for days at a time. It takes two months to receive personal checks. Cards I mail either never reach their destination, or take two or more months to be delivered even when mailed by priority mail. Bills I pay are not delivered, and I am charged late fees.

Now, someone broken into one of the mail boxes at the post office, and the local police cannot do anything because it’s a federal crime. We have no one to turn to, and the United States Postal Service website is difficult to navigate.

When is something going to be done? When we mail something, we expect it to be delivered or arrive in a timely manner.

Judy Weingartner, Homewood

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Fire Postmaster DeJoy

Thank you to U.S. Rep. Sean Casten for speaking out on the issue of Postmaster Louis DeJoy and the USPS. It is sad, and frankly ridiculous, this man is still in charge.

There is no way Congress can make sure “DeJoy does his job.” He must be fired. I cannot believe Congress has allowed the approval of two nominated members of the USPS Board of Governors to languish.

They should be approved immediately, high priority, and Mr. DeJoy should be removed.

The Post Office is slowly being strangled under his aegis, by design. Staff are cut, sorting machines removed, service is slower and much less reliable. Mail is lost, and we can’t depend on daily service any more, while prices are increasing. As people lose confidence, profits go down and the institution dies.

Postal workers are doing a yeoman’s job under difficult…