Black Owned Bos opens holiday pop-up shop to support small businesses


For Roxbury resident Jae’da Turner, the holiday season doesn’t begin the day after Thanksgiving, or the night Mariah Carey’s Christmas anthem makes it’s inevitable leap back onto the charts. It’s at the front of her mind all year — especially when it comes to small businesses. Turner, the founder and managing director of Black Owned Bos — a consulting agency and directory that platforms Black-owned businesses throughout the region — knows that entrepreneurs need to prepare long before the air grows cold.

To help small business owners this year, she is piloting the Holiday Bos Shop, which features about 30 brands under the roof of one boutique in Back Bay. It opens on Black Friday and will run through Dec. 24. “What better way to pilot it during the holiday season, where people are shopping the most, to test out this concept and potentially carry this forward kind of on a permanent basis?” Turner said.

Black Owned Bos is not a physical place, a storefront with a permanent fixture that you waltz into. Rather, it is a digital directory that also transits into the real world through projects like the holiday shop, infusing its spiritual essence with a corporeal form (insofar as brick-and-mortar constitutes “corporeal”).

It is still a young platform. Turner traces its origins to an Instagram profile a friend shared with her; one that featured two friends exploring the New York City borough of Brooklyn via its small-business ecosystem. And while she isn’t what you’d call an influencer or blogger in a traditional sense, she’s found a way to make her mark on the local business scene.Turner’s has an intense love for her native Boston, had her asking: “How can I create a platform to highlight a lot of the businesses that I patronize myself?”

And so a kind of capitalistic symbiosis emerged. In this relationship, a business would be introduced to a new audience or customer base on social media. But with each additional business listed on the…