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Deborah Quintana President & CEO of World Wide Money Exchange has a singular focus she has taken a decidedly humanistic approach to effecting positive change. It’s a benevolent form of leadership that is driving real results while setting the stage for the next generation of socially conscious entrepreneurs. Keep an eye out for this women and her pioneering work—there is no doubt you’ll be seeing more of her.

Originally from the San Luis Valley in Colorado, she has resided in Denver for the past 29 years. As a Hispanic female entrepreneurs and business leadership regarded as fearless. She has successfully batted away the outdated stereotypes and has overcome obstacles that would derail many a man without even breaking a sweat.

Deborah Quintana just celebrated World Wide Money Exchange’s 25th Anniversary and the redesigned of the three locations at Denver International Airport. Quintana started the business twenty-five years after leaving the insurance brokerage industry to pursue an opportunity at Denver’s Stapleton Airport. When a concession for money exchange and insurance services with the at Stapleton Airport was proposed by the City of Denver, she earned a certification as an Airport Concessionaire Disadvantage Business Enterprise; when on to win the bid.

Today, World Wide Money Exchange has about 14 employees and offers currency exchange for over 60 countries. With convenient locations at DIA in the Jeppesen Terminal near the International entrance, Concourse A & B. Currently negotiating for a mobile kiosk in Concourse C, with the growth of Southwest Airlines into Central & South America. The target would be traveler who will transfer to other airports for their travel internationally.

When asked about what it felt like to reach 25 years, “Almost unbelievable for a Hispanic Women business owner, a milestone that no one thought I would reach. I never had any doubt because when you are committed you can accomplish anything you want to achieve despite obstacles. “

Most recently Maritza Job, daughter of Quintana was promoted to an executive role at World Wide Money Exchange, a Denver native with an MBA from Regis University. Asked what is she is currently working on, “Evaluating the capacity of the organization in Marketing, HR and Operations. Our organization has grown naturally, now we are going to focus on the marketing of our brand leading to an endless opportunity for our company. “

Finally with all your success what wisdom would you share with other small business organizations? Quintana concludes. “Don’t let anything scare you like pursuing certifications with the City of Denver. This is a good start to keep your records and creates transparency for your business. Also hire good employees who are smarter than you”, she says. On a personal note Quintana manages to create a balance with family and business, a challenge for many of us.

Deborah Quintana is a successful entrepreneur in her own right overcoming high odds of failure to reach her ultimate destination and serve as great inspiration for other women wishing to emulate her successes.

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