Denver Black Friday shoppers crowd malls | Business


Crowds returned to metro Denver shopping centers Friday, whether to get a bargain with Black Friday deals, shop for themselves, start holiday shopping or simply just to get out of the house.

That’s according to shoppers, retailers and officials from Park Meadows Shopping Center, Cherry Creek Shopping Center and Town Center at Aurora.

“It’s a lot better than we expected,” said Sylas Shalash, co-owner of Toy Alley at Town Center.

The new retailer just opened earlier this month and wasn’t sure what to expect from November traffic or sales.

“When ToysRUs closed, we looked around and wondered who would fill that spot,” Shalash said. “No one did, so we decided to. We’re the new ToysRUs.”

Though the store had no troubles staffing up for the holiday season, there have been supply chain issues.

“It’s crippling us on getting some of our toys, especially the battery-operated ones. They’re here, but sitting at some port and there’s no ETA,” he said.

Sara Little, 35, of Aurora escorted her boys Jayce, 7, and Braydon, 11, through the store as their heads looked to be on a swivel and they excitedly tried to find one toy they liked. ‘

“This feels like pretty normal traffic for Black Friday, similar to 2019,” Little said. “The boys said they wanted to go for an adventure. I told them ‘You want an adventure? Let’s go to a mall on Black Friday.”

While there were no “masks required” signs on the mall entrances, most stores had signs reminding…