Ferrero Rocher asks fans to share in ‘golden transformation’ for reimagined holidays



  • Ferrero Rocher, the chocolate brand owned by confectioner Ferrero Group, is running a holiday-themed campaign that gives social media users a chance to win $500. Its “Golden Transformation” campaign includes the social media challenge, along with influencer content and a TV spot, according to a company announcement.
  • To enter the contest, people can post a photo of a favorite holiday tradition, and tag it with the @FerreroRocherUSA handle and #ferreroholidaysweeps hashtag on Instagram. Alternatively, they can post the photo to Ferrero Rocher’s Facebook page and use the #ferreroholidaysweeps hashtag.
  • The brand enlisted lifestyle, gifting and hosting influencers including Kathleen Barnes, Venita Aspen and Stacie Flinner to create how-to videos that show how they’re updating holiday traditions that have been affected by the pandemic with “a golden touch,” a reference to the chocolate candy’s signature gold-colored wrapping.


Ferrero Rocher’s “Golden Transformation” campaign for the holidays aims to inspire consumers who are facing the possibility of adapting cherished family traditions to the disruptions of the pandemic. The influencer content is consistent with that theme, as Kathleen Barnes, Venita Aspen and Stacie Flinner show their ideas of how they’ve updated their traditions to make the season feel more festive with “a golden touch.” Influencer campaigns can help brands like Ferrero Rocher to cut through ad clutter, with 40% of consumers saying they’re more likely to trust a brand that features an influencer they know, a survey by coupon company Valassis found.

Ferrero Rocher’s social media contest looks to boost participation in its campaign by asking consumers to post photos of their holiday traditions on Instagram and Facebook. With its offer of a $500 prize, the chocolate brand is giving people a bigger reason to share their photos on the platforms, which can extend the reach of the campaign organically and urge others to participate. Social media challenges have become a popular way in recent years to engage consumers in participatory efforts, boost a following and identify loyal customers. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Diageo, Michelob Ultra and Pepsi are among the dozens of marketers that have hosted hashtag challenges to engage consumers with a branded experience.

Ferrero Roche’s parent company Ferrero Group this year has ramped up its marketing efforts to support its line of brands. The confectioner this month launched a multichannel campaign for its Crunch candy bar with a series of TV spots and digital content that tout the benefits of “Crunching,” a fictitious lifestyle trend. In mocking ads that make audacious claims, the campaign included a toll-free number for people to call to learn more about the trend. Ferrero also has run campaigns for other candy bars like Butterfinger, including its “31 Days of Halloween” on Pinterest.