‘Hispanic Citizens in Fortuna are Important!’ Says Candidate for Fortuna City Council – Redheaded Blackbelt


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Mike Losey

As a candidate for Fortuna City Council, I had two very important questions asked of me yesterday by a community member. The questions were, “Why are you the only candidate to have your Statement of Qualifications in both English and Spanish?” And, “Why were you the only candidate to talk about the importance of the Hispanic families and businesses during the Fortuna Chamber and League of Women’s Voter forums last week?”

I believe we need to do more to include and support our growing Hispanic population in Fortuna. During my neighborhood canvassing, I was told there is a need for Spanish speaking help when the Hispanic business community is faced with our ordinances and regulations. I have also been told Hispanic families need to be included more in our civic affairs and community activities. I completely agree.

Fortuna Elementary School District reports that approximately 35% of the student population is Hispanic and the number is growing. As a community, we need to be more inclusive and celebrate our diversities. The Fortuna City Council needs to be proactive in providing this leadership for the City and the community. With your support, I will bring this important issue to the forefront, where it should be.