It’s just not fun to travel anymore | Lead Stories


Sarah ‘JetSetSarah’ Greaves-Gabbadon, a Miami, Florida-based travel writer and influencer, has had to travel for work. Since November 2020, she has flown to the Caribbean 18 times and cruised four times.

Greaves-Gabbadon beams whenever she speaks about the region and is a self-described lover of the entire travel experience – from packing and being at the airport to boarding the aircraft and getting to the destination.

“I really love everything about travel,” she told The Sunday Gleaner, with sheer joy in her voice.

However, since the onset of the pandemic, all that she loved about travel have become the things she dreads, revealed the travel writer. So instead of enjoying the atmosphere at the airport, she has become fearful of it; instead of relishing the company of fellow travellers, she fears contact with them; and instead of anticipating her trip and the preparations for her flight, she is placed under stress by it.

“There’s a lot of fear and anxiety that come with travel nowadays. And a lot of extra stress because of … the entry protocols. And depending on how easily you can get a test and how quickly you can get your results back, up to almost the last minute you’re stressed about whether you’re going to get on a plane, frankly,” said Greaves-Gabbadon.

“If I did not have to travel for work, would I have taken as many trips as I have since November? Absolutely not. Absolutely not,” she repeated for emphasis. “Because it’s a lot of planning, a lot of stress and there’s really not a whole lot of fun in the actual mechanics of travel anymore.”


After nearly two years of being cooped up behind closed doors and shut borders due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that globally there’s a strong desire to travel abroad to shake off the listlessness of isolation and/or simply to feel alive again.

But even as this yearning for a place to exhale drives more and more people to go on holiday…