Jon Jones’ latest training footage highlights the MMA legend’s speed and impressive movement as he lands picture-perfect kicks in the gym


Jon Jones’ latest training video has served to remind the vast majority of MMA fans and experts about the UFC icon’s versatility and consistent evolution.

Jon Jones has taken to his official Instagram account to put forth a brief video clip that features him hitting a pad held by one of his trainers.

The video shows the former UFC light heavyweight champion landing a thunderous lead-leg front kick from the orthodox stance on the pad held by a trainer that acted as an opponent’s torso.

You can watch Jon Jones’ training video in his Instagram post below:

‘Bones’ is well-known for the vast array of weapons in his combat arsenal. He’s now given fans a glimpse of some of his kicks as a heavyweight, subtly highlighting the speed and fluidity with which he’s able to throw them.

The kick that Jones landed with his left leg lacked neither in power nor in its accuracy. However, what truly stood out was the speed and in-and-out movement ‘Bones’ exhibited before, during, and after the kicking sequence.

Similarly, Jon Jones also landed a spinning back kick from the orthodox stance. The kick landed with his right leg, albeit on the same area on the pad, and again emphasized Jones’ impressive speed and effortless movement.

A few months earlier, Jon Jones had been on the receiving end of a significant amount of criticism for purportedly being too slow after having bulked up for his move to the heavyweight division. Regardless, as evidenced by his latest training footage, it appears as though the combat sports veteran has become accustomed to his new heavyweight frame.

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