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KLOTH.NET – Card punch emulator

Use this cardpunch emulator to create a PNG or JPEG image of a punched

Just punch in some text below and see.
[Unknown characters will be ignored/blanked].

More Information about this:

These perforated punch cards were used by early mainframe computers for input.

This punch card emulator is based on the DEC 029 input character set,
which maps the IBM 029 character set to the common 6bit upper-case-only
subset of ASCII.

DEC 029          

The output punched and printed onto the cards can be choosen from the
following codes:

 +-0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR/STUVWXYZ ='    .)    $*    ,(    
IBM 029
DEC 029

The IBM-029 characterset is nearly the same as the DEC-029, except for the ‘[‘, ” and ‘]’.

This emulator is based on the punch code definitions found documented in the
Punched Card

by Douglas W. Jones, describing several codes from the Hollerith aera to EBCDIC,
and also based on own experiences back in 1986, when I punched my PASCAL/FORTRAN/COBOL
program sources on a IBM-029 cardpunch for a SPERRY-UNIVAC 1100/80.

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