L.A. teacher union pact requires masks, COVID tests in fall


Under a tentative agreement announced Thursday between district authorities and the teachers union, masks will be put on for students and staff at schools in Los Angeles this fall, and coronavirus testing will continue for all.

Maskman dating continues regardless of whether the employee or student is vaccinated, with the rare potential exception of students with disabilities. In addition, coronavirus testing is done at least once every two weeks. This can be a step back from current practice. Weekly test The campus gradually reopened in April.

Students, staff, and visitors should be screened daily for symptoms before entering the campus. This screening usually consists of a temperature check and an oral self-affirmation of health. The district also has an online daily pass that allows for the same confirmation, but people don’t have to use it.

“This agreement maintains the necessary COVID-19 protocol that has been proven to keep students, staff, families and the educational community safe,” United Teachers Los Angeles said in a release.

The agreement deals with what was a big unknown to the families of 465,000 kindergarten to grade 12 students in the second largest school system in the country. What will your campus experience look like in the fall?

District officials had considerable influence on this question — did state law return primarily to pre-pandemic rules on July 1 and require schools to provide full-time on-campus schedules? There is a risk of losing significant state funding.

On safety issues, both the union and the LA Unified School District were moving cautiously and mostly in stages during the pandemic process, resulting in the closure of the campus in March 2020.

The campus reopened more slowly than in many districts and took stricter safety measures, including those that were unpopular. For example, junior high and high school students needed to stay online as they did at home. Stay in one classroom Throughout the teaching day….