Local Flavours: The Complete Guide to Riding Port Angeles, Washington


Local Flavours



Words, photos, & video by Ben Haggar

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June is always a funny month in British Columbia and Washington. You really never know what the elements have in store. Last year we had an insane heat dome and the trails were in rough shape for that early in the season. This year, it has been exceptionally cool and wet with a few precious sunny breaks thrown in for good measure. Juneuary, monsJune – whatever you want to call it, you can’t be picky about your riding conditions – you’ve just got to embrace the unpredictability, channel your inner swine and get ready to roll in the slop.

But on the plus side, the variability of June allows you to experience riding on so many different levels. Hot and sunny every day – where’s the fun in that? The fact that trails change drastically whether it’s wet or dry, sunny or overcast and the way you alter your own riding style in accordance to familiarity on slippery roots, puddles of unknown depth or kitty litter corners gives you the full meal deal. The fact that you can experience riding in every season over the course of a few days gives you the best overall sense of a destination – letting the true character shine through. It’s why charcuterie boards are so awesome – you get a bit of everything. And the ole adage “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes…” is complete BS up here – we waited an hour and the rain just kept getting harder.

Ben Haggar // Local Flavours
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A Bit About the Region

Port Angeles, quietly perched in the upper north west corner of Washington State on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, is the largest city in Clallam County. Sheltered from the open Pacific by the Olympic Peninsula and the spectacular Jurassic Park-esque Olympic National Park, there’s just…