MicroJib – Inspiration from a Young Denver Inventor

MicroJib – Inspiration from a Young Denver Inventor


MicroJib – Inspiration from a Young Denver Inventor


Ben Swanson is quiet and unassuming. You would hardly know that he is an entrepreneur on the cusp of totally changing the game in his industry with a product that he created himself through painstaking hard work.  The Denver based inventor is creating a movement with his line of camera accessories by providing a convenient and reliable tool to use as an extension of your body to capture quality footage of your everyday adventures.  What is this product?  MicroJib!

Ben has created a sleek, durable, telescoping, hand-held jib that can pan or tilt a GoPro 360 degrees at the flick of your wrist, allowing for instantaneous redirection so you can capture action footage from unique angles. Finally, surfers, snowboarders, in-line skaters, golfers, and nature enthusiasts alike can relive their daily adventures by using the MicroJib to capture each moment.  It is designed with simplicity in mind, and is impressively durable, so no filming experience is necessary. We sat down with MicroJib’s Founder to learn more.

The Idea

Selfie-stick-like GoPro accessories all have one significant limitation: they are static, meaning you can’t change filming angles on the go. This led to Ben’s “ahah” moment that eventually became his obsession.

Ben envisioned a world in which the user was in control of their creative filming experience – and he’s created that. This year’s sales exceeded $200,000 boasting a successful start to the one-year old company.  So far in their young history, MicroJib has made its way to all seven continents, has 40% of sales outside of the U.S., and is carving out its own position in the camera accessory industry with three new products poised to launch within the year.

Startup Phase

The very first MicroJib was made of an egg-beater, PVC pipe and tape and was refined into the finished product we see today. However, Ben had to test whether people would spend the money to buy his product.

After some creative tests to verify its viability, it was time to raise money. Ben decided on a Kickstarter campaign to launch them into the next phase of the business plan.  Expectations were exceeded when they raised over $30,000 dollars with 100+ backers.  It got people’s attention and boosted spirits at a critical time.  From idea to launch, it was three long years of continued dedication.

What does the Future Hold?

MicroJib will launch three new products within the year: the MicroJib 2, MicroJib XL, and the MicroJib Flow. The MicroJib 2 is a smoother more reliable remake of the original while the XL takes it to super-size, allowing for more unique shots and greater versatility.  The MicroJib Flow is the first-ever floating handgrip, portable jib ever, appealing to all water sport enthusiasts.

Part of the genius of MicroJib, is they are not married to the GoPro industry exclusively. Ben’s vision for the company is to be the iconic quality camera accessory provider in the world targeting phones, small action cameras and small cameras in general.  The opportunities are limitless because, essentially, everybody has a camera in their pocket.

Parting Thoughts

Ben’s unbelievable commitment to quality has set MicroJib apart. Customers can rest assured that each product has been meticulously tested to ensure durability.  Never before have we had a camera accessory that is so useful and fun, making it a travel companion favorite, and wows the crowd with its “cool factor”.  You will not only be able to relive your favorite memories with incredible videos but will look great doing it.  Check out MicroJib’s videos on Instagram and YouTube to see for yourself.  I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

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