Milagros Del Corazon (Photo Gallery)

Milagros Del Corazon (Photo Gallery)
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Milagros Del Corazon

2017 Milagros Del Corazon 18th Annual Fundraiser
Celebrating Latino / Chicano Arts and Culture Since 1978.

CHAC Gallery & Cultural Center held its biggest annual fundraiser “Milagros del Corazon” or “Miracles of the Heart”. The annual event helps support CHAC Gallery’s year round cultural art and community outreach programs.

For those of you who are not familiar with the event, let me give you a little information about it. We give out a blank wood heart, which is painted or decorated and donated back to us. The completed decorated hearts are put on the walls in a gallery, and a silent auction where people can bid on them the night of our event. The highest bidder takes home the heart they bid on! We have well known artists as well as community members, and children who participate by creating a wonderful heart art piece for us!

Our last fiscal year we served almost 23,000 individuals, with nearly 8500 children K-12 with our year round Cultural Arts Programming. This event will help boost and fund our surging outreach presence in the community!


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