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59 beat writer Pat Rooney takes questions and leads a discussion on CU Buffs athletics.

As far as early kickoffs, I remember a few Nebraska games that started at 10:30 AM. They could definitely do it in the Mountain time zone.I’m interested to see if they follow through on experimenting with those 9 am PT kickoffs for football. I think it would be more of an every-so-often thing, but I’m curious to see what impact it might makeI am on the east coast. Yes, 11 PM basketball tipoffs and 10:30 kickoffs are a drag. The only other option is 9 AM Pacific/ 10 AM Mountain, though. I know they looked at it but that could make for some rough games, I would think.I do think they’ll win, but it will be a battle. The Buffs have responded well after losses, and they know they need this one. OSU really handed it to Utah last night.Back to basketball since that’s your beat. Oregon State seems to have regressed a bit since they were in Boulder but have looked really good at times and home cooking usually helps everyone. You think that the Buffs will win tomorrow night?And yes, the late starts don’t stop. Last night’s top-20 game starting at 9 ET is a good example, but sometimes there’s not too much that can be done about that. It was 6 pm local time out here. The late kickoffs in football are a much bigger problem. Unless its a particularly huge matchup, fans out east are probably cashed on football for the day when ASU and WSU kick off at 10 ETSimilar thoughts here that I’ll handle together. Yes, it’s the distribution of the P12 networks that has it lagging. The ACC and SEC networks partner with ESPN to expand profiles. P12 opted to go its own way and it’s just not working out. They’ve put all the marbles when the next TV deal is up–and I apologize, I forget off top of my head when that is, but it’s still a few years down the road. In the meantime, the distribution between the P12 and those other leagues will continue to be a major hurdle.It was definitely the right move for CU, they have always identified more with California than the Midwest. The Big 12 has the same problems as far as revenue. The business model needs updating but TV is going to be the biggest revenue source. The Pac 12 Network looks like a big bust right now, especially when you can’t get it on DirecTV.What is the reason for the discrepancy in TV revenue between the Pac-12 and Big 10/SEC? Is it the number of viewers? If so, since most of the east coast may be asleep when Pac-12 FB and BB teams play night games at 8 MST/7 PST, the Pac-12 may never get the viewership necessary to get the big TV bucks. Too bad the NCAA can’t control the TV contracts and divide the revenues equally between all D-1 programs (although the NCAA probably would screw that up).I agree. I still think the conference move was a good one for CU. But, just my opinion, I think the time is coming for P12 to rethink its business model from the top down.I suppose revenue is why they wanted to get Texas into the conference when CU joined but I would think that they could do better with SF and LA in the footprint.And hopefully for the fans the base of that construction stays in place. I think the bigger problem for CU and the P12 as a whole is how this illustrates the revenue gap between the P12 and the rest of the Power 5’s, which are starting to treat the P12 like poachable mid-majors. Tough to compete when a place like Michigan State can just keep adding to a pile of money until it gets what it wants.As far as the football coach, the whole affair should make everyone wake up and realize what has been constructed even if there is little that anyone can do about it. Other than that, Michigan State cannot lose enough.I’m sure that correlation can be made in the history of a lot of programs. Good players win games. As much credit as Tucker deserves for the recruiting, so too does Chiaverini, who I’m guessing will be retained regardless of how this plays out.It seems to me that based on CU football history our best teams have had the best recruiters in our history other than the neu way, and remember he won primarily with coach Mac’s playersYeah, taking someone off the dribble isn’t exactly Bey’s game. McKinley gets to the bucket pretty well, as does Schwartz like you said. I prefer to look at the whole of the offense though instead of quibbling about individual skills. Their offense has been solid much of the season, and until last night the early turnover issues had turned around.We are missing a slashing forward who can drive to the basket and finish or dish off to someone who is open. For as good as Bey is, he is not that guy. If he gets the ball way down low or on an alley oop, he can dunk it. But it seems he never drives to the basket and when does try (usually on the baseline), he gets stuck under the backboard or otherwise doesn’t finish. Offensively, he basically is a jump shooter. Schwartz actually is much better driving to the basket. Battey will bull his way in there sometimes, but is much more comfortable with his back to the basket.and win the two home games, obviously.Agreed. Scoring 20 in a row at one point in a game like that, only to come out with an L, is a gut-punch. With four road games left beginning Saturday, I think they have to go at least 3-1 to have a shot at the title.Such a shame to fumble away a game that started so well. With only two more games in Boulder, they need to toughen up a bit and be more consistent.I’m sure it’s a factor, but I believe Rick George when he said he’s going to keep all options on the table. If, as one example, he thinks Bieniemy can be the guy, even with a thin collegiate track record, he’ll go with it. Tucker had a great recruiting background, and look where that got them.I believe that it is central.How much is having an excellent college coaching recruiting resume weighing on the search for a new coach?I’m not sure if the team tracks that, but I’ll find out. Certainly four last night was a huge issue. And that doesn’t count a few times they had to huck a wild one up at the buzzer. I’m not sure what missing Kim English would have to do with that. I’m sure the players miss him, because they liked him, but despite last night’s result this team is much better than a year ago.Pat, does this team have the most shot clock violations this year – is that stat tracked? I love our guys but there seems to be a lack of awareness on shot clock and game clock by this team – especially on the road. Does this team miss Kim English?I think some of that will depend on Rick George’s interview process. If someone wows him that might be more than just a band-aid hire, I think Rick will go in that direction. Just my opinion, but Chiaverini I think is a great fall-back option to hold things steady for the upcoming season.What are the chances that Chiaverini gets the full-time head coaching job?Feb. of 2017. The Derrick White teamWhen’s the last time they won in Corvallis?They better be! It’s not the same kind of press, but the Buffs for the most part handled Oregon’s press just fine last night. The turnovers came from other issues.Are the Buffs prepared for OSU’s 1-3-1 zone this time around?Greetings Matt. Yeah, a lot of them are saying all the right things via social media, but I don’t think we’ll have an answer for that really until the end of the semester. We saw a glut of post-spring departures last year as Tucker was settling in. A lot of it I’m sure will depend on what the final verdict is on the coach search. I’d be surprised if there weren’t a few meaningful departures.How many of the football recruits do you see leaving the program? There’s been a lot of solidarity from that group so far.All right folks hello again. Tough one last night for the Fighting Tads, but in the end still in a share of first place with six games to go. I’ll be happy to talk hoops and whatever else might be on the minds of Buffs fans this week!Hello Buffs fans and greetings from Oregon! We will begin shortly at noon MT.