Practical Guide To Know How To Solve Basically The Problems Common Of Life, A Practical Work That Will Help Readers Avoid Becoming A Victim Of All Those Who Use Deceptive Advertising


Juan Posada said this about his book: “This book contains information obtained through working with the Hispanic community for over fifty years. In it, you will get information on almost thirty topics where the knowledge you get will prevent you from being a victim of so much abuse and deceit. Obtaining this information will be easier for you to make wiser decisions. You will buy a car without being scammed, you will pay your house in half the time required, you will find out the benefits of having a corporation, that owning a business; you will save a lot of taxes with the corporation. Why it is so important to have a business plan; how to delete a criminal record, how to legally bring your closest relatives to the US with a tourist visa. How, when, where and against who a restraining order is placed, how much you have to pay for child support if you divorce, the steps to file for bankruptcy, why a living trust is better than a will. Anyway, Concepto Latino gives you the information for when you need to talk to a lawyer about some of these issues so that he knows that you know what he is talking about and not take advantage.”

Published by Page Publishing, Juan Posada’s new book Concepto Latino: Practical Guide to Know How to Solve Basically the Problems Common of Life, will help readers feel proud of their language, their culture, and of the value as citizens of this great country.

Consumers who wish to expand their knowledge and prepare for life in the United States can purchase Concepto Latino: Practical Guide to Know How to Solve Basically the Problems Common of Life in any bookstore, or online at Apple iTunes,, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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