Skillicorn takes on partner and moves Seed headquarters to LA | Reel Chicago


Roy Skillicorn and Seed partner Brad Johnson

Seed Media Arts is expanding and moving their headquarters to Los Angeles. This originally Chicago-based company founded in 2011 by Roy Skillicorn has recently partnered with Los Angeles based Executive Producer Brad Johnson. As Johnson expands Seed to Los Angeles, Roy Skillicorn and Nathan Skillicorn are continuing in Chicago as the midwest representation. 

“Chicago is where my heart is and where I have made a successful living in production for 25+ years. I owe it all to Chicago,” says Skillicorn.

Skillicorn founded Backyard Productions with Chicago photographer Tony D’Orio in 1988 while still a “rep” for PIXAR, Colossal Pictures and HKM Productions — all start-ups he recognized as future superstar companies. He found, promoted, and secured for each of them their very first commercials, representing each company for over a decade.

Under Skillicorn’s leadership and marketing savvy, Backyard became a $50M/yr entity that was not only considered one of the top international production companies by the trades, but the only one to ever spring forth from a secondary market like Chicago.

When Skillicorn stepped away from Backyard, it wasn’t long before he was asked to return. In 2018, the new owner, Kevin Allodi, reached out to Skillicorn and he returned to the company that he founded and managed for 20+ years. His task was to restore the company to its original prominence.

“When I shared my vision of next steps for Backyard, I told Kevin, this new Backyard won’t be fenced…it’s time to unleash the dogs,” said Skillicorn.

He immediately began by signing strong directorial talent to the roster, secured fresh and effective representation in both the East Coast and Midwest territories, directed a restructuring of overhead, and successfully reclaimed Backyard’s respected brand identity. 

After three effective years of rebuilding Backyard, Skillicorn is ready to focus…