Teads Ad Manager Becomes First Cookieless Platform On the Open Web


Update was a major pillar announced during Teads’ Partner Day event on  November 16. Other announcements included advancements in supporting advertisers’ CSR initiatives, results from Dentsu’s Attention Economy study and significant updates to Traffic Acquisition products.

Teads has announced updates to Teads Ad Manager (TAM), creating the first open-web platform that can activate cookieless campaigns throughout the marketing cycle. TAM now has a dedicated ‘cookieless mode’ for planning, targeting, delivery and reporting, allowing advertisers to responsibly engage with all consumers who are using cookieless environments. This covers a range of digital marketing requirements, from advanced cookieless audience targeting solutions to simplified A/B testing functionality. Teads’ cookieless solutions have already delivered over 1bn impressions across 50 fully-cookieless campaigns with top clients around the world. Initial results show that campaigns using cookieless solutions deliver on average a 5.5% more points of brand lift vs. cookie-based activations

By allowing brands to reach consumers at scale, within premium editorial environments using totally cookieless solutions, Teads is continuing its intent to set the standard for Responsible Advertising across the whole digital ecosystem.

In line with the theme of Responsible Advertising, Teads also announced Teads Care. This market-leading initiative will allow advertisers to financially support a cause of their choosing, and Teads will match this contribution through media investment. Initially rolling out with a focus on mental health and the environment, Teads Care will aim to support several causes around the world that are aligned with advertiser CSR campaigns. 

Alongside Teads Care, Teads has also doubled down on its commitment to being a sustainable media platform for the whole planet. Following the release of the Carbon Footprint calculator that was launched earlier in the year, Teads’ co-CEO Jeremy Arditi committed to continue investing in order to understand the adtech industry’s effect on the environment as well as developing sustainable and deliverable solutions that will reduce the platform’s impact on global warming.

3 Key Solutions

Further updates announced at the event focused on Teads’ Traffic Acquisition product. Upgrades to the Traffic Acquisition product are a significant leap forward and address key challenges that advertisers currently face when looking to deliver quality traffic to site through 3 key solutions:

  1. Goal Based Bidding allows advertisers to reach the main KPI they want for a traffic acquisition campaign. Available through managed service or self-serve (in Teads Ad Manager), buyers can optimize toward the largest set of traffic KPIs in market.
  2. Dynamic Performance Ads can generate up to 16 different creative variations where the titles & image will vary. Teads’ AI will then automatically test and learn to find the variations that drive the best outcomes based on the selected KPIs. Early results have shown that Dynamic Performance Ads improved campaign performance by 30%
  3. Retail Traffic Solutions is a combination of two products that help retailers deliver against their business objectives. 
    • The first is Teads Traffic Acquisition with Amazon Attribution where advertisers can now measure the sales effectiveness of ads set up on Teads Ad Manager that are designed to drive the user to Amazon’s website. Marketers can measure Product Views, Add to Cart and Sales using Amazon Attribution to accurately measure ad effectiveness.
    • The second is a Traffic Acquisition Reachcast, where a brand gains a high share of voice within a certain category of content, for between 12 hours to 5 days using Teads’ high Attention display formats in order to receive maximum site traffic .

Finally, Teads discussed the latest findings from the comprehensive attention economy research, run by dentsu. The study, where Teads was a significant media partner, demonstrated that Attention is three times better at predicting outcomes than viewability as initial findings showed that viewability alone is no longer a good enough metric to measure how consumers are reacting to content on a page. dentsu’s Attention Economy study found that User Choice, Creative, Time in view and Relevance are key drivers in delivering Attention for advertisers. A more detailed view of the study can be downloaded from the Teads website.

Teads Partner Day was hosted by Jeremy Arditi, Teads’ co-CEO, on November 16th and presented the platform’s strategic vision and included industry leaders from Southwest Airlines, OMG, Diageo, dentsu international and PHD.

Regarding the significant updates and announcements, Arditi said, “This is a critical time for businesses as they look for growth out of the pandemic whilst simultaneously aligning with how consumers are now engaging with the online world. We remain hyper focused on developing innovative solutions for the digital advertising industry that guarantee business outcomes without compromising on the quality that we are renowned for. We are uniquely positioned to offer market leading, Responsible Advertising solutions to our advertiser and agency partners for every stage of their marketing journey and are excited to partner and grow with them into 2022 and beyond.”