The Broncos’ best free-agent classes since the start of modern free agency


Key signings: G Mark Schlereth (pictured, left), DL Michael Dean Perry, DL Maa Tanuvasa, CB Tyrone Braxton (pictured, center), WR Ed McCaffrey (pictured, right), FB Aaron Craver, DL Mike Lodish

In one of their most productive free agent classes since modern free agency rules began in 1993, the Broncos landed several important players. The most significant of these — Schlereth, McCaffrey and Braxton — would be valuable pieces of the back-to-back Super Bowl teams. But the other players they signed — even if they didn’t linger for the Super Bowl squads — were good players, too. Perry was a five-time Pro Bowler when he arrived in Denver and made one more with the Broncos. Craver helped pave the way for Terrell Davis to start his career with two straight 1,000-yard seasons.