TIERRA 48 YEARS OF CHICANO SOUL – Tribute to Rudy Salas


OndaLive! pays tribute to Rudy Salas and TIERRA with this re-airing of the story of the band that has become a cornerstone in the East Los Angeles musical movement for more than 48 years! Rudy and his brother Steve Salas founded the East LA band in 1972, with a mix of rock, pop, jazz, R&B, and salsa. The group is best known for their mega hit “Toget her, and hits Zoot Suit Boogie, Gonna Find Her Memories and others.” Sadly, Rudy Salas, co-founder of the iconic group TIERRA left us recently, but his spirit and musical legacy will live on forever! OndaLive! celebrates what Rudy, Steve and Tierra mean to us all — family, music, success, pride and la raza! Viva Rudy Salas!

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