TRX and Keto Helped Me Get Back Into Shape During the Pandemic


Photo credit: Fred Chevry

Photo credit: Fred Chevry

Fred Chevry is a 34-year-old personal trainer from Miami, Florida, now living in Las Vegas, Nevada. After moving to a new country, two serious illnesses, and job stress, he put on more weight than he’d like. Here’s how he got back in shape.

Getting out of shape was essentially a string of rough circumstances. Immigrating from Canada to the USA was really demanding; working multiple jobs while having to rebuild my personal training customer base took a toll on my physique. Then my wife and I traveled to Thailand in the winter of 2019 and were both hospitalized from catching Dengue fever. A couple days after being discharged, I got sick again with another tropical fever.

Then, when we returned to Miami, Covid lockdowns happened. The inactivity from “stay at home” orders was the final nail in the coffin. That felt like a good time to take a “before” picture. People who know me were more shocked by the before picture than the after!

I felt terribly unhealthy. It wasn’t so much that I gained so much weight on the scale, but my body fat was steadily increasing while I lost muscle. Due to the pandemic, I was glad I wasn’t alone in my body struggle, but as a personal trainer I felt it was somewhat my responsibility to set an example. I felt guilty, like, “Here I am with knowledge that could help others, and I’m not doing anything with it.”

I knew needed to recover lost muscle mass before getting lean, so I hopped on a strength and muscle building program I created and got to bulking. I started by using a TRX suspension at home as a temporary fix, but the day the gyms reopened I was right back in. I knew there was no way I could have done this transformation at home, unless I purchased serious weight lifting equipment.

My diet wasn’t so strict at first, as long as there was enough protein. I kept an equal balance of protein, fats and carbs. I was eating roughly 3000 calories a day of clean healthy food including chicken, salmon, rice and veggies are…