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uBO Minus is permission-less experimental MV3-based network request blocker

This is an experimental network request blocker using the Manifest V3's declarativeNetRequest.

It does not require broad "read/modify data" permission hence its limited capabilities compared to uBlock Origin or other blockers requiring broad "read/modify data" permission:

- No cosmetic filtering (##)
- No scriptlet injection (##+js)
- No redirect= filters
- No csp= filters
- No removeparam= filters

The default ruleset corresponds to uBlock Origin's default filterset:

- uBlock Origin's built-in filter lists
- EasyList
- EasyPrivacy
- Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list
- Online Malicious URL Blocklist

There are no regional ruleset in this early version.

There is also no popup panel in this early experimental version. The ability to disable on a per-site basis will be the current priority.