University of Phoenix Is Collaborating With American Corporate Partners to Help Veteran Students Gain Mentors

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Veteran students can benefit from unique and personalized mentored experience

PHOENIX, January 19, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–University of Phoenix is proud to highlight during National Mentoring Month an agreement with the national nonprofit American Corporate Partners (ACP) that provides post 9/11 service members and veteran students with a unique and personalized mentoring experience.

Veterans and active duty military members often encounter unique challenges when transitioning to civilian workforce and seeking employment or career pathways. In fact, a recent University of Phoenix survey of veterans and active duty members found that while most (83%) say the military has provided them with all of the skills that they need to be successful in the workplace, a similar proportion (87%) feel making a successful transition from the military means learning a new set of skills to adapt to civilian workforce culture.

University of Phoenix and ACP have collaborated to help address this challenge and ease the transition from the military service to the civilian workforce by facilitating access for University post 9/11 service member and veteran students to the ACP mentoring program.

“Veteran students face a number of unique challenges after transitioning from military service. Their lives in the military came with a language, culture, and sense of purpose and camaraderie that they come to expect. There is an efficiency and sense of professional competence that is expected of every servicemember, and that does not end with our time in uniform,” states Eric Ryan, Marine Corps veteran and senior director of Military Operations at University of Phoenix. “While I firmly believe that a college education is a cornerstone to personal and professional growth, the ACP mentorship program can be the mortar that brings it all together. Building a career and long term professional success is a big task and ACP mentors help their protégés figure out what is next and build a plan to tackle…