Where Bay Staters would go if they left Massachusetts


Data: Data: Axios research; Chart: Mike Deehan/Axios; Chart: Axios Visuals

You guys seem to like the far southwest and far northeast corners of the country.

What’s happening: Yesterday, we asked you where you’d most likely move to if you had to leave Massachusetts.

  • Over 500 of you answered and the top destination was California with 12%, followed closely by our lovely northerly neighbor Maine.
  • Vermont and New York (City and upstate) came in third and fourth. Colorado and New Hampshire tied for fifth.

What you’re saying: California wins for easy access to the beach, liberal politics and sunshine.

  • “Everyone is so chill and the stress level is minimal. The weather isn’t something you have to constantly think about and plan for. You can just…go outside…and be comfortable. Imagine that,” one reader told us.

The intrigue: You have to wonder how all those snowy states would fare if the survey was conducted in, say February, instead of a 70-degree September.

👉 Reality check: Bay Staters may be dreaming of California, but they’re settling for Florida.

  • The sunshine state, New Hampshire and New York were the top three states for out-migration from Massachusetts in 2020 and 2021, according to IRS data.