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Los Millennials peruanos

Claudia Valdiviezo - Analista de Semana Económica.

Supporting Training When COVID-19 Sends Everyone Home: A Cheat Sheet

When remote learning becomes a requirement instead of a nice-to-have element in a blended learning solution, you'll need to know your options in many different areas. This article...

Salud Talks Podcast Episode 23: “Keeping Calm Amid the Coronavirus”

Stressing out? Find good vibes in our latest podcast on how to cope with coronavirus and a changing work and societal landscape! Salud Talks Podcast Episode 23: "Keeping...

The Most Romatic Moments In Sex Education

Sex Education has a lot of heart, and with a lot of heart comes a lot of romance. These are some of the most romantic moments. Sex Education Season...

8 Reasons To Outsource Sales Online Training Programs To eLearning Content Providers

Is outsourcing a wise investment? Or should you develop sales online training in-house to cut costs? Let’s look at 8 convincing reasons to hire an eLearning content provider...

Comment Now: USDA to Roll Back School Food Nutrition Standards | Salud America

The USDA under Trump is "basically aiming a flamethrower" at school food nutrition standards for our kids. 😡 Comment Now: USDA to Roll Back School Food Nutrition Standards...

An Education Official Trailer

In the post-war, pre-Beatles London suburbs, a bright schoolgirl is torn between studying for a place at Oxford and the rather more exciting alternative offered to ...

Why Millennials Love Their Houseplant Jungles | Annals Of Obsession | The New Yorker

The plant expert Summer Rayne Oakes cares for a vast collection of indoor foliage—more than a thousand plants, from pothos to succulents. She explains why ...

Tips To Increase Student Engagement

Instructors can retain student engagement by being personable and open to student contributions, telling stories, and incorporating visual media. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. ...
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