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Día de los Muertos: Latinos Unidos celebrates and remembers – News

The chilly November air created the perfect atmosphere to enjoy Abuelita’s hot chocolate. This is a traditional drink that’s very similar to hot chocolate, but it has cinnamon and other spices added to it. The Ethnobot N’ Tea Club was happy to provide spices for the specialty drink.“I’ve never tried Abuelita’s hot chocolate before, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how…

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Latin American students celebrate culture in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH, Ind. (WSBT) — Plymouth celebrated Latin American students with Dia del Nino.Friday night's celebration at Lincoln Junior High was the second year for the event.Dia del Nino is a special day that celebrates children in Latin American countries.The school aimed at honoring and celebrating their culture.The day is sometimes known as "Day of the Child" or "Children's Day."

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Concilio’s Hispanic Fiesta 2024! – NBC10 Philadelphia

Concilio is a non-profit organization located in North Philadelphia that has been serving the community since 1962.Concilio’s Hispanic Fiesta has been celebrating Hispanic Culture for over 50 years; it is Philadelphia's largest event of its kind, showcasing the unique music, cuisine, and traditions of 19 Hispanic countries. We're thrilled to announce the Annual Concilio’s Hispanic Fiesta in partnership with Wawa…

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