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Thursday, September 29, 2022
Nolan Ross Samé-Weil started drinking alcohol when he was 17.A few drinks at a time led to blackout benders, then meth and destructive behavior. The 39-year-old Los Angeles resident used drugs and alcohol for 14 years, during which...
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When Michelle Moro rides her glittery blue bike around Los Angeles, she often gets quizzical stares in real life. Meanwhile, on TikTok, commenters swoon over her rides, dreaming together of a more bike-friendly city. Moro bikes everywhere —...
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On days she feels particularly stressed, Shamita Jayakumar knows the quickest way to ease her mind.“I’ll just go to Target and wander the aisles,” she says. “So soothing.”Every other week or so, the 32-year-old tech worker drives to...
Los Angeles è tra le città più pericolose al mondo, perciò siamo stati super attenti nello scegliere un hotel in una zona sicura.
Chad’s profile picture on Tinder was a black-and-white photo of him singing into a mic with a fedora on his head. This guy is a douchebag, I thought. A handsome douchebag. I swiped right.It was 2017, my senior...
Roger ha perdido a su madre y vive separado de su padre, que ha cedido al estado su tutela para que pueda ser adoptado.
(elana marie / For The Times) Pedicures can be unpredictable. Not really knowing how well your feet will be exfoliated...
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