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Friday, May 7, 2021
As the coronavirus crisis in India continues, pharmaceutical companies are working to get medicine into the hands of patients. How Drug Companies Are Expanding Access To Covid Treatments In India
Kona Beer is airing new TV spots that “encourage baseball fans and mainlanders everywhere to make time for the good things in life," and more in this week's Agency Brief: Kona Beer pitches to MLB fans and J&J...
HBO Max, Rowdy Energy, Enterprise Holdings, Nutrabolt, Spectrum, Constellation Brands, Stellantis,7-Eleven, Fortú … and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns. Media and marketing services company ENGINE has been named the social...
The world’s largest storytelling effort to empower LGBTQ youth is elevating marketing guru Paul Dien to president and chair of its board of directors, replacing attorney Seth Levy. ‘It Gets Better’ Gets New Leadership
Retailer John Lewis is responding wittily to a saga of wallpaper, donations and snobbery: John Lewis trolls Boris Johnson after his Downing Street 'furniture nightmare'
Constellation Brands, the largest beer import company in the U.S. is working on consumer deep dives beyond the 5 top Hispanic markets. The company is pushing for a much wider market representation to obtain a more complete...
The Emotet malware ran amok for the better part of a decade. Were you among its millions of victims? There's an easy way to check. How To Find Out If You Were A Victim Of The Emotet Malware ...
As the U.K. emerges from its third period of lockdown, unemployment remains high at 4.9%, but a new TV ad from LinkedIn points to the green shoots of recovery through the metaphor of a neglected houseplant. LinkedIn likens...
Self-driving cars will be used to haul around mobile stores, bringing the shops to your doorstep, which is quite convenient though presents some hefty challenges for AI. Self-Driving Cars To Conveniently Haul Fancy Stores To Your Doorstep For...
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